Parish Staff

Parish Administrator: Fr Richard Waddell
Parish Secretary: Lorraine Thomy (Tuesday to Friday)
Sacramental Coordinator and Pastoral Associate: Angela Mills (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) plays a key role in the ongoing pastoral life of the parish with a purpose of providing counsel and support to the Parish Priest in furthering the work of the Church by fostering the spiritual growth of parishioners and leading them to respond actively to their universal call to mission. The council carries out the pastoral developments according to the Vision and Mission of the Parish. The PPC can be seen in relation to the context of the relationship of mutual service that exists between a parish priest and his faithful. It also remains as a forum for the faithful to make their opinions known on matters concerning the good of the Church by providing proposals and suggestions on various matters of the parish.


John Dickie (Chair)
David Kelaher (Secretary)
David Morgan
John Benjamin
Garry Mostyn

Michael Murphy

Cathy Agius

Ray Pozzato

Francina Turner

Jill Ditton

John Navarra

Angela Mills (FJT Family Educator, Ex officio member)
Kevin Bryson (Principal FJT school, Ex officio member)

Parish Finance Committee

The Parish Priest is the administrator of the assets of the Parish. He is responsible for carrying out this task of administration, in accord with the norms of Canon Law. To assist the Parish Priest in regard to his responsibilities for financial and administrative matters, it is obligatory that there be a Finance Council in each Parish. It is an organ of collaboration of the Parishioners with the Parish Priest in the administration of the financial matters of the Parish. Parish Finance Council is made up of parishioners belonging to the one community. They work together with the Parish Priest and the parish community, for the good of the parish. The Finance Council evaluates technically, advising what is financially possible and to assist in the preparation of the annual financial report, of the parish, to the Archbishop (in accordance with Archdiocesan regulations).


David Kelaher
John Dickie
David Morgan
John Benjamin